World Water Exchange

Launching a suite of Indices to facilitate price discovery and transparency in various grades of water

Providing commoditised derivative formats for cash settled water products to trade on trading venues & exchanges

Focused on areas around the globe where water is actively traded OTC

Developing framework agreements to govern and standardise physical water trades


World Water Exchange aims to facilitate price discovery and transparency of water by building a global suite of water indices to support transactions and hedging of physical water needs in key geographical areas.

Our planet’s water imbalance and the massive differences in how the “right to water” is considered, will not begin to be corrected until the value of water around the world is transparent and accessible to those who would buy, sell, transport and facilitate both the commodity and the infrastructure that supports it.

World Water Exchange is the catalyst in the democratisation of water and the creation and modernisation of global water trade.

  • Clive

    It is not unreasonable to assume that with finite supply, increased demand for water could have a very significant, not to say, explosive effect on the water price. It has never been more important for those with exposure to water price volatility, to have the ability to hedge that risk.

    Clive Murray
    World Water Exchange

World Water Exchange, brings transparency, tracking and hedging opportunities for water users, and those wanting exposure to water

Being able to put a price on water will facilitate transactions, provide certainty to users and bring transparency to an often opaque market

Investors need to know the price of water in order to begin planning and financing water projects on a truly commrcial scale. World Water Exchange provides this data.


World Water Exchange, provides commoditised derivative formats that allow for a cash settled water product to trade on an exchange, as well as a framework for contract agreements, governing and standardising physical water trades.